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    Chaim Ivry and Deng Yaping at Ben-Gurion University labs. Deng is China's four-time Olympic gold medalist and a co-founder of a large investment fund






    Chaim Ivry presenting at T-Edge Beijing, December 2016






    Chaim Ivry presenting at the T-Edge Summit in Beijing, December 2016




    NextWave Robotics at The World Intelligence Congress, Tianjin, June 2017












    Chaim Ivry at the Sino-Israeli Robotics Innovation Conference in Guangzhou









    Chaim Ivry speaks at the T-Edge summit, Beijing

    Featuring: Social Robots & Human-Robot Interaction

    Human Intent to Approach

    The intention to approach or avoid a person is communicated through expressions and their temporal order. Machines are taught the meaning of facial expressions in a scene.

    Visual Localization and Mapping

    Visual SLAM algorithm estimates the robot's location and enables long distance operation without any drift.

    Speech Based Emotion Recognition

    Emotions detection by an analysis of the tone of voice, accompanied with physiological measurements

    Speakers In Noisy Environments

    Developing speaker localization algorithms for spherical arrays around robot's head for various acoustic conditions

    Proactive Robotic Assistance

    Hand gestures are complementary mean to voice commands, when calling robots for assistance in public places

    Video Analysis and Expression Recognition

    Real-time interface to video systems used by robots based on cumulative samples of interactions scenarios in terms of conversation culture, language, subjects, length and dialogue.​

    Visual Media Context for Interaction

    Responding to video content with robotics reactions, both verbal and non-verbal, as a new media experience which falls between content and the consumer, for a higher level of engagement.

    Robot-Human interruption & interaction

    Non-verbal signal detection of “time to interrupt”.​ A machine learning project for non-verbal signals, making interruptions more fluent and acceptable with natural pauses and continuation.

    Speech Enhancement & Recognition

    Microphone arrays with multiple channel processing offer speech enhancement in noisy environments with reverberation, where speech recognition rate tend to significantly decrease.

    Superior Acoustic Information

    Increase the amount of acoustic information recorded, speech enhancement and recognition.

    Facial Expressions

    Automatic comprehension of social interactions, as well as natural interfaces between humans and machines

    Sentiment Consumer Profiling

    Adapting the sentiment, state of mind and consumer profiling analysis by using conversational speech prosody

    Eye Tracking For Intentions And Needs

    A faster and more accurate technique than conversation or motor responses, for detection of needs and preferences

    Construction of a Dynamic Map for Robots

    High quality globally consistent real-time map produced by using semantic labelling of map geometries, with the help of one or more robot for better course planning in complex environments

    Big Data of Face-To-Face Interactions

    A network of robots collecting a large-scale dataset of people physical interactions with robots in public places, enabling one robot’s interaction to affect the machine learning of the others.

    Proactive Robotic Assistance

    Improving the way robots physically behave around people, in terms of velocity, approach, proxemics, etc. so a person in need of assistance can be accompanied and assisted.